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Fans of Scott Lynch’s Lies of Locke Lamora and Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold will love EMBERS RISING, a cloak and dagger epic fantasy with an ensemble cast that would make any rogue proud.


They expected their heist to yield coin, not conspiracies. What the former mercenaries find is a deadly plot that could destroy their country. The nation of Arian may have recently shed its monarchy for a more democratic government, but reform hasn’t changed the rules of survival on the streets. Currency is king, and almost everyone is for sale . . . at the right price.

Ex-warrior and sell-sword Kaimana knows this well. When he hears his corrupt old employer is on his deathbed, Kaimana sees a chance to pay off his gambling debts and recruits a friend to help him unburden his former employer of a few valuables. Laurenze, a half-elven expert thief who worked with the rest of their defunct mercenary group, agrees to come out of retirement for one last job.

Unfortunately, their plan goes sideways when they discover the old man used them to consolidate the country’s riches into one person’s coffers: Twylo, a ruthless politician running in the next election who will set reforms back by decades—or worse—if he ever gains enough power.

Kaimana and Laurenze alert the remaining members of their group, who scattered after a disastrous mission drove them apart almost a decade ago. Twylo may have the upper hand, but he has no clue who he’s double-crossed . . . and they’re going to make sure it’s the worst mistake of his life.


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