Sterling Carmichael


The Fixers Book 1

A cloak and dagger epic fantasy with an ensemble cast that would make any rogue proud.


Sterling Carmichael was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada. Following a degree program at university he decided to take some time out to travel and worked his way down the west coast of the United States, through Mexico and Central America. From there he crossed the pond, eventually finding his way to Edinburgh, where he lived and worked for a year before heading home again. After returning to Canada he entered the 9 to 5 rat race and while he has enjoyed a fruitful career in the worlds of IT and other industries, he knew that it was something that was just a means to an end. It was writing that had always captivated him and the urge to become a successful author was too strong to ignore. Now he has made his dream come true with his first book, Embers Rising, the first book in a planned series. A fantasy work with plenty of humor sprinkled through the pages, it features an ensemble cast, who tried to make the world a better place, experienced a devastating tragedy, then scattered…


They expected their heist to yield coin, not conspiracies. What the former mercenaries find is a deadly plot that could destroy their country. The nation of Arian may have recently shed its monarchy for a more democratic government, but reform hasn’t changed the rules of survival on the streets. Currency is king, and almost everyone is for sale . . . at the right price.

Ex-warrior and sell-sword Kaimana knows this well. When he hears his corrupt old employer is on his deathbed, Kaimana sees a chance to pay off his gambling debts and recruits a friend to help him unburden his former employer of a few valuables. Laurenze, a half-elven expert thief who worked with the rest of their defunct mercenary group, agrees to come out of retirement for one last job.


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From a five star Reader's Favorite review (full review linked below): "...Imagine the crew of Ocean's Eleven in a fantastical world, where they attempt to expose a deep political conspiracy, and you will end up with something like Embers Rising. With vibrant characters that leap off the pages and an unpredictable plot, author Sterling Carmichael weaves an absorbing tale filled with humor, magic, and intrigue. Whilst written with different points of view narrative, each character feels distinct, with their personalities reflected in their actions and motives. Carmichael's quick-witted dialogue was one of my favorite aspects of the book, especially in the scenes involving banter between the members of Joh's group. Embers Rising is suited to fantasy fans and readers who love thrillers.